Glimpse of Scenery and People

Below are some pictures we took and a video we made of

the scenery and people that can be seen on the eastern side of the mountain range in the western portion of the

Jambi Province of Indonesia.

Water buffalo grazing in front of an irrigation water wheel (kincir air).


This is our translation of a legend from the Jambi Province.


Kota Jayo is a village located in the Tanah Tumbuh Kecamatan (county) of the Murara Bungo Kabupaten (region) of the Jambi Province.  This is one legend from that village, and though it’s quite interesting, its origin is uncertain, because the people in that village have never heard of it.

You can read the 53 (or more) Jambi legends that we’ve translated by clicking this link.


Member of the JBD Squad in Muara Bungo

Member of the JBD Squad in Muara Bungo.

JBD Squad

(Jasa Bunda Dance Squad)

During a recent visit to Muara Bungo we spent a leisurely evening at a local park named Taman Pusparagam. The park was previously a soccer field, and at that time it was called Taman Semagor. Though the park is no longer a soccer field, and the name was changed, most of the people in the city still refer to the park by its former name—Taman Semagor.

The park has four rock climbing walls, one huge inflatable attraction for children, as well as a small train. Surrounding the park are numerous food vendors which sell a wide assortment of traditional Indonesian food.

Break Dancing


Blood Suckers

Chet's muddy foot with a leech on it. This was taken after 3 hours of walking through the jungle.

Picture taken March 24, 2013
Chet’s muddy foot with a leech on it. This was taken after 3 hours of walking through the jungle.

Yes, Jambi is inundated with leeches, as well as small worms which do the same thing… suck blood. They refer to the larger leeches as lintah, and the very small worms as pacet, or pacat.


Masuk Angin

A Uniquely Asian Sickness

Marks left on the body after the cups were removed. Not all cupping looks this serious.

These are marks left on a body after a cupping procedure.
Bloodletting / cupping is believed to be helpful in removing harmful wind which has entered the body.

Throughout Indonesia, among every ethnic group, religion, and social economic group, Indonesians have a strong belief in the sickness they call masuk angin (wind enter), and they take great precautions to prevent it. Masuk angin has been described by some as a type of sickness that covers about every type of vague ache, pain, fever, cold, etc., that there is.


The Reincarnation of Putri Ayu

It was said that the crocodile was a Tomistoma schlegelii (a type with a long pointed snout.

It was said that the crocodile was a False Gharial, or  Tomistoma Schlegelii (the crocodile which has a long pointed snout). This picture was taken at a crocodile breeding farm in Jambi.

We came upon an interesting event that took place in February 2009, and it was what is believed by many to have been the reincarnation of a famous Jambi personality, Putri Ayu.1

According to legends, this woman was to have been the wife of a former sultan/king. You can read our translated legend about this woman with this link, as well as read about her sacred grave with this link.


This is our translation of a legend from the Jambi Province.

The Magic Stone

From the Village of Kedotan

Cannon Named "Raden Panjang"Located at the front of the yard at elementary school #119 (SD N 119).

Cannon Named “Raden Panjang”
Located at the front of the yard of elementary school #119 (SD N 119).
The magic stone was said to be taken from this cannon.

The Village of Kedotan has a number of interesting legends that outsiders find interesting. One such story is that of the stone that was found in the cannon called “Raden Panjang.”

This story is quite recent, having said to have taken place in 1994. The story was rehearsed to us by a group of teachers from the National Elementary School #119 (SD N 119). The teachers and others in the village very adamantly believe this story to be true.

The story went like this: