The Anak Dalam,  & Where they Live
The exact location of the Kubu Tribe (also known as the Anak Dalam, and Orang Rimba) is difficult to ascertain, since some of the small groups among them are mobile.

The below picture is a map of the Jambi Province. The Kubu Tribe primarily live within this province. Their locations are marked by the purple dots on the map.

Location of the Kubu Tribe

Location of the Kubu Tribe

C. and an Anak Dalam Man

Anak Dalam, wearing their sunglasses given to them by C.

The Anak Dalam are not all identical.
Not all of the Anak Dalam are identical in the way they live. Some of the small groups among them are highly mobile, and have made little to no steps towards becoming “civilized.” That is evidenced by the clothing (or the lack thereof) that some of them wear.

Anak Dalam Clothing and Lifestyles.
My wife and I saw topless women, but then others were fully clothed. The men in one village we visited had shorts and button up shirts, and one man had a watch on. There was also a group of them that lived in a small home, complete with a satellite dish and wide screen TV!

Typical Kubu Attire

Typical Attire

Kubu Climbing Trees

Climbing Trees