Wild hogs freely roam the wilds of Sumatra. That being the case, some business men, who recently contributed to Jambi’s development projects through us, were inquisitive about whether or not they would ever be able to come to Jambi to hunt those vicious creatures!

Wild Hog Road Kill

Wild Pig–Road Kill: Picture Taken by C. moments after the pig was hit on the highway.

I don’t know the government’s regulations on that, but it is something I will find out once my wife and I arrive there to live. From one web site it looks like it is permissible.

Local villages often have hunts every Sunday to thin out the pig populations. The wild pigs destroy many acres of farm land and are damaging to the economy. For outsiders coming in to hunt, there may also be a problem with transporting firearms–but that shouldn’t be a problem–because the brave white hunters I spoke of can always use SPEARS!  :^)

Wild Pig--Road Kill