Bringing Visitors to Jambi
One of the things we will be exploring while in Jambi Province will be the possibility of expanding their tourism base. We hope to bring in North Americans to visit the various interesting sites in the province. Not only will this provide additional resources to the people in Jambi, it will also provide North Americans an alternative to Disney World or a beach! Just think…, how many people have pictures of active volcanoes and ancient Buddhist Temples to show their friends and family after a summer vacation?

Breathtaking Scenery in Indonesia!

Breathtaking Scenery in Indonesia!

Disney World can be seen anytime, but Indonesia is a phenomenal "Once-in-a-Lifetime-Experience."

Disney World can be seen anytime, but Indonesia is a phenomenal “Once-in-a-Lifetime-Experience.”

While in the Jambi Province last summer we had the pleasure of speaking with a representative of the Jambi Tourism Consortium. This representative was very polite and helpful with the questions we presented to them. They told us of some interesting sites to see and didn’t pressure us to purchase a tourism packet through their agency. That politeness made us want to see what packages they did have to offer!

Comfortable and clean hotels and safe food is a real concern for international travelers from North America, but rest assured, the Jambi Province can provide well for the finicky traveler. They have fine dining in the below mentioned hotels, and the rooms in these hotels are “First Class”!

Largest Hotels in Jambi City:

  • Novotel: We stayed here on several occasions–winding staircase (very nice accommodations and first class dining).

  • Abadi Hotel: We ate at this restaurant (it was exceptional).