Epicenter in Jambi
Most have heard about the recent devastating earthquake on Sumatra. The news headlines spoke of the devastation in the western coastal city of Padang. In reality, the epicenter was in the Jambi Province, in the small town of Sungai Penuh (full river).   Sungai Penuh is the location we would like to go and explore in the next year or so. We plan on using this mountain town to commence our long trek up the active volcano Mt Kerinci. Hopefully we will be able to get a number of Canadians and Americans to join us on this tour from time to time.

When we get to Jambi we also hope to make ourselves available, in what small way we can, in providing relief during natural disasters, like earthquakes, tsumanis, floods, etc. With Sumatra being on the Ring of Fire, they are prone to all types of natural disasters. During the last six months there have been six major earthquakes!