Today we visited the Muslim Idul Adha services. It was very interesting. There was a very large gathering and prayers were conducted, then a sermon was presented about the significance of the day. Idul Adha reflects on the Muslim belief concerning Abraham almost sacrificing his son Ishmael, and just before it took place, Allah presented a ram in Ishmael’s place.

Goats Purchased on Idul Adha

Goats Purchased on Idul Adha

On this day is also a ceremony of sacrificing goats and bulls. We also visited this event. We are still learning about this, so our explanation may not be highly accurate. But from what we understand, a goat or bull is purchased, and prior to it being killed, prayers are made, in which sins from the individual(s) are passed to the goat and the person(s) who purchased the goat has all their sins forgiven.

To help the poor with food we purchased a goat. The meat was given to the people in the village. We were offered the heart, but “wanting to be a blessing to the poor,” we politely said no. We understand that most people in the village cannot buy meat because it is so expensive. So this day is greatly enjoyed by them. It is also believed that the people that eat this meat also receive a blessing from Allah.

Warning, the below video graphically shows the slaughter of a bull.