Musim Hujan (Rainy Season)

In the central part of the Jambi Province, the location we have visited on several occasions, has been inundated with severe flooding during the current rainy season. Water from the Tabir River overflowed its banks and has killed a 24 year old named Guri. This is the location where we have assisted in setting up two water purification systems (report on the second one will be coming out in a few weeks).

Besides the death of one person, there has been the destruction of hundreds of hectare of rice fields that were ready to be harvested. The water reached the height of approximately ten feet. Now there is the serious problem of stagnant water that has the potential to spread an epidemic.

The government leaders in the area ordered the evacuation of 1,517 people for the purpose of protecting their health and preventing the spread of disease. The government has also supplied resources for the purchasing of tents, cooking utensils, blankets, and clothing for children. As many as 16 emergency teams (paramedics) were dispatched to the area.