Bringing US Dollars to Indonesia

No Mutilated / Creased Bills

No Mutilated / Creased Bills

For all the future tourists coming to Indonesia, this will be a little information that will help ease a few headaches when exchanging money into Indonesian currency, as well as enable you to get the best exchange rate as possible for your US dollars.

Due to the many efforts to counterfeit $100 bills (US), banks in Indonesia have restrictions on the age, type, and condition of these bills. If you bring bills that need to be exchanged into Indonesian Rupiah, you need to have the following types:

  1. No folded or mutilated bills.
  2. Uncirculated bills are best.
  3. If you try to exchange used, worn, or bills with creases, you will get a lower exchange rate (or the bill may be rejected).
  4. Do not bring $100 bills with the serial number letter beginning with A, B, C, D and F.
  5. Do not bring $100 bills that have a date earlier than 2003.

Watch the Serial Numbers

Current Exchange Rate for Indonesian Rupiah