Kolam Ikan (fish pools)

Fishing Pool in Indonesia

On the island of Java most rivers have been over fished to the point of exhaustion, or, the rivers are not clean enough to eat fish out of, so, the entrepreneurial Indonesians turn to another method of fishing, and it involves fishing out of small pools.

The owners of the pools raise fish and stock these fishing pools as the number of fish in them decreases. They actually know how many fish are in the pool at any given moment. They keep track of the number that are caught, and they replenish them about every four hours. That keeps the fishermen happy, knowing that there is always an ample amount of fish to be caught.

Those who want to fish pay a small fee to “rent” a small 8’ x 15’ area. Prior to them leaving, they must pay a small amount per pound of fish they catch.

But, the real reason for fishing in Indonesia is the opportunity to sit around and talk with friends and neighbors. Fish pools also provide opportunities for gambling. A marked fish is put into the pool, and those who want to play put down a wager. The first person who catches the marked fish gets all the money in the pot!

The Big Fish

For those wanting to do serious fishing, there are huge rivers in the Jambi province of Indonesia. Anybody who wants to do some fishing there, let me know. There are also many opportunities in the ocean around all the islands.

For Fishing Locations in Jambi:

Below is a video we made of fishing in one of these pools.