C. & P. S.

C. & P. S.

There are a lot of American school children who are highly interested in the health and well-being of Indonesian children. They are also very curious about life in general here in Indonesia. They have been writing us emails, asking various questions. We thought we would respond to these short memos on our blog.

Our second response is to Kailoni Somkit:

Kailoni, it is challenging here in Indonesia, learning a new language, with a whole different set of grammar rules.  We also need to memorize around 5,000 new vocabulary words (maybe a little more than that).  It gets very frustrating at times, but it is something that we have to go through.  For your amusement, right now C. is in a class titled “Learning to Read and Write.” When we saw that title on the book we thought it was very funny (and humbling)!

We hope you enjoy the spring season. We don’t get to see the seasons change like that.