C. & P. S.

C. & P. S.

There are a lot of American teens & school children who are highly interested in the health and well-being of Indonesian children. They are also very curious about life in general here in Indonesia. They have been writing us emails, asking various questions. We thought we would respond to these short memos on our blog.

Our third response is to Hannah Hill:

Hannah, this entire blog is in response to your main question. You indicated that you were interested in learning about life here in Indonesia. Through this blog, we hope to teach teens, children, and adults, about Indonesia. We have plans to talk about many interesting topics (you need to make plans to come and visit us!).

In the coming weeks we plan to talk about the local zoo, a water fall, and a butterfly garden. We’ll have a video you can watch for all three topics. There is also an upcoming post about “Snake Fruit.” Keep your eyes on this blog because that will be an interesting one.