C. & P. S.

C. & P. S.

Some American teens & school children, who are curious about life here in Indonesia, have been asking us questions via email. We thought we would respond to these questions on our blog.

Our fifth response is to Jacob Erne:

Jacob, you sent us an email that included a question about safety. In response to that, we wanted you to know that we feel as safe here as we did in the United States. There is a tremendous amount of crime in the United States. People are murdered, mugged, beaten up, drive-by-shootings, etc. Those types of things are rare here. There is crime, but it isn’t as significant as some of the crime in the United States.

The main thing about safety that concerns us the most is traffic safety. There are few (if any) police cars patrolling streets. There are many traffic lights that don’t work. There are really few rules on the road, so you just try to drive very defensively.

Thanks for thinking about us!