Situ Patengan

(Lake Patengan)

C. & P. (background–Lake Patengan)

Recently we went on a language practice outing with a group of our friends to Situ Patengan. Below is a video, as well as additional information about the location.

Situ Patengan (Lake Patengan) is a lake in the Ciwidey area south of Bandung. The lake is surrounded by pine trees and a sprawling tea plantation. The lake is approximately 48 acres and is around 13 – 40 feet deep.

There is an interesting Sundanese legend behind the lake’s origin, it is also where the name “Patengan” came from.  (Sudanese is a group of 31 million people who inhabit the western portion of the island of Java—not to be confused with the Sudanese of Sudan.)

Evidently, there was a young man and woman that were searching for each other, and they finally met at the location currently called “The Love Rock.”

Following their union, and as evidence of their love, the young lady asked the man to make her a lake and a boat. The young man, deeply in love, followed through, and we now have the beautiful Situ (lake) Patengan.

Boat rides can be made to “The Love Rock,” and it is done by almost everybody who visits the lake.

Map to the location of “Situ Patengan.”