Taman Kupu-Kupu

(Butterfly Park)

P. and I (and a friend of P.) visited a fascinating and educational Butterfly Park just north of the city of Bandung. It is a small location but very neatly manicured. It is a great location to take children to teach them about butterflies. At this location you will see the cocoons, as well as the caterpillars spinning the cocoons. You will also be able to see butterflies as they emerge from their cocoons.

For adults the time spent in the park will be around 1 hour. If you have children, plan a little extra time so you can answer all their questions… and if you don’t know, there is a great staff on hand that loves to explain all about the different varieties of butterflies that are there.

Also, not part of the main park, off to the side there is a small nursery where they are growing plants, be sure to go in there as well, because you will find many rare caterpillars there.