C. & P. S.

C. & P. S.

Some American teens & school children who are curious about life here in Indonesia have been asking us questions via email. We thought we would respond to these questions on our blog. Our tenth response is to Cash Kirkpatrick:

Cash, you asked us about what our favorite foods are, and about snakes. It seems like everybody is in love with snakes!

About the food, C. has eaten just about everything imaginable, and has paid dearly for it, with many nights being awake due to severe stomach problems. A little over a month ago he threw up in a car, and the car stunk bad for several days, even though it was cleaned up!

P. has been careful about what she has eats, but when you are offered food from some good friends, or invited to a restaurant, you have to go, and you have to eat what is served. That is what has given P. her severe sicknesses.

So, as much as possible we try to eat what is prepared in our home, where we know the food has been prepared safely and with clean hands. It isn’t always possible to use the safety measures that are common in the US, so we just hope and pray that everything will be fine.

Here in Indonesia you can get almost every fruit and vegetable that you can get in the US, and then some. There are many fruits and vegetables that most Americans have never seen. We have already made a few videos of these foods. Keep watching our blog. We hope to make more videos about the foods.

About snakes… just keep watching our blog. We’ll give more information about them in the future.