Personalized Language Learning
Very few people can acquire a new language in a formal learning center without the assistance of some additional tutoring. For those learning bahasa Indonesia in the Bandung, Indonesia area, there are a couple of well-experienced tutors that are available. Both have well over 20 years of experience, and are fluent in the English language.

So, if you are planning to study bahasa Indonesia in Bandung, try these tutors out for a week or two at a time and see if they fit what you are looking for in a tutor. P. and I used both of them at different times and they have proven to be invaluable. We highly recommend them!

Pak (Mr.) Ferry

Pak (Mr.) Ferry Superi
Pak Ferry has taught bahasa Indonesia in formal and informal settings for 24 years. He is an author and has made multiple trips to the U.S., giving him unique insight into Americans, which greatly aids him as he teaches students that come from that country. Not only is he an invaluable and encouraging resource for language learning, he is also a very helpful friend to have when you have to do business in the city of Bandung.
Pak Ferry is also able to help you wade through confusing cross-cultural situations in different government offices, as well as in stores. He is also available to set up tours to local cultural attractions that will enhance your language and cultural studies.

P. & Pak (Mr.) Ferry

Pak Ferry
Cell Phone: 081322736427

Pak (Mr.) Bambang Hartono

Pak Bambang has been teaching bahasa Indonesia in formal and informal setting for  34 years. He is a former director of a famous bahasa Indonesia language school and has written numerous language books. His ability to explain grammar to foreign students is phenomenal.  His pleasant, friendly, and encouraging personality enables students to overcome the frustrations they experience when they are learning the language.
Pak Bambang R. Hartono
Cell Phone: 08121465435
Home Phone: (022) 667-0396

Pak (Mr.) Bambang & C.