C. & P. S.

C. & P. S.

Some American teens & school children who are curious about life here in Indonesia have been asking us questions via email. We thought we would respond to these questions on our blog. Our twelfth response is to Colt Kirkpatrick:

Colt, you mentioned elephants in your email to us. There are elephants on the island of Sumatra, and they still live in the jungles. Many people think elephants are quiet peaceful animals, but in reality they are very dangerous and can kill people.

Sumatran Elephant

How would you like to have elephants stampeding and eating all your food, destroying fields, and even knocking down your home? That is what has taken place in the Tebo Regency of the Jambi Province of Indonesia.

Most Americans believe that elephants are friendly docile creatures, mostly because of seeing them in zoos or circuses. In reality, these animals are very much feared in the wild.

You can read more about how elephants have damaged crops by clicking on this link.

Elephant in Sumatra’s Jambi Province