Living in an Asian country we were quickly introduced to many traditional healing methods. We have learned about the women who daily prepared herbal medicines, and sell them from door-to-door, to cupping, acupuncture, and lately, “Foot Reflexology.”

Recently we encountered an interesting location on the south side of the Bandung Lautan Api Monument (BLA). It is a small track that people can walk around, in which they will get the same effect as if they had a foot massage. Walking on the stones is actually quite painful (for us), but it is believed that this practice holds many health benefits.

Many believe that this type of reflexology can create a soothing effect that actually relieves pain and discomfort in your other extremities and torso. It is believed that reflexology like this can cleanse the body of toxins, appease spirits, improve blood circulation, rejuvenate the mind, and prevent/cure all kinds of diseases of the human body. Many people believe that reflexology can reduce or eliminate back pain; migraines, heal infertility; cure arthritis; eliminate sleeping or eating disorders; correct hormonal imbalances; eliminate digestive disorders; improve stress-related conditions, diabetes, cancer, heart disorders, etc., etc., etc.

So, if your suffering from a physical condition, and want to try out “Foot Reflexology,” come to Indonesia and give it a try!