(Bandung Sea of Fire)

On the south side of the city of Bandung you can find a large monument called “Bandung Lautan Api,” (BLA) or, Bandung Sea of Fire. This monument was built in commemoration of an event that took place in Bandung on March 24, 1946. After the Japanese withdraw after WWII, the Dutch were attempting to reclaim its former colony (Indonesia). To prevent this from happening, the city inhabitants intentionally burned their homes and other buildings of importance in the city, giving the approaching Dutch forces little to occupy and reclaim.

The huge monument (BLA) is located in the Tegallega city park. The park surrounding the monument is filled with markers that look like tombstones. In reality, the stones are mere markers, indicating the type of tree that is next to it, as well as the tree’s country of origin. These trees were planted and markers installed on April, 24, 2005, in an effort to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the famous “Asian-African Conference” of 1955. Countries that were represented at that conference have trees planted and markers installed in recognition of their participation.

The exact location of of BLA can be seen by clicking this link.

Below is the video we made of “BLA.”