C. & P. S.

C. & P. S.

Some American teens & school children who are curious about life here in Indonesia have been asking us questions via email / letters. We thought we would respond to these questions on our blog. Our fifteenth response is to Jessanna Ford:

Jessanna, thanks for the letter. It’s a real treat to get a letter through the mail. It’s almost like Christmas time for us. You asked several questions, and we’ll try to answer them below.

1. Do kids have “Silly Bandz” in Indonesia? Thanks for sending a “Silly Bandz” with the letter, because we have never seen them before. So the answer to your question is “no.” Kid’s do not have them here.

2. Do kids “trick or treat” in Indonesia? In the large cities we have seen Halloween costumes, but it is more accurately children’s every day play costumes–or pajamas, like spiderman.

3. What kind of pets do people have?

>>We have seen birds, and lots of them. They are usually the birds that sing, or make a lot of whistling noises. Some Indonesians believe that birds will keep evil spirits from disturbing their homes. There may be some that don’t believe that, and still have birds anyways.  Our neighbor has pigeons. Many people here raise pigeons to race.

>>There are cats everywhere, and we think most of them are strays. Most of the cats in Indonesia have tails that are strangely twisted or the tails are very short. It’s part of their genetics.

>>There are dogs, but not many people have them because their food costs too much. You can buy various breeds of dogs here, but usually it’s only the very rich that have them.

>>We have also seen monkeys at a few people’s shops. In the large cities the monkeys are commonly seen doing tricks on busy street corners and anywhere large crowds meet.

Thanks for the picture of the cats. It’s hanging out our refrigerator!