SMA Negeri 7 Muaro Jambi

Center: P., C., and Pak Nasir to C.’s left. Standing with the school staff and dancers.

We recently visited a High School (SMA Negeri 7) which is located 1½ hours to the east of the City of Jambi in the Muaro Jambi district (Kabupaten). The name of the village (desa) is “Seponjen,” which means “a pouch used for holding money.” We were invited there by the principle of the school, who also happens to help us with our language studies (Pak Nasir, or Mr. Nasir).

Jambi Dancers

When we arrived at the school we were greeted with a traditional dance (sekapur sirih), which honors special guests. I guess because we were the first foreigners to visit that school, they considered us special. We were the ones who felt honored, because we were able to enjoy the educational experience of the traditional dance they performed. The dancers presented us with a sirih leaf, which was a unique experience. The sirih leaf is given to special guests and dignitaries when they arrive at an event or location. We considered it a great honor for them to go out of their way like that, and we didn’t expect it. We were only planning on helping the students in the classrooms with their English studies. It was a very interesting cultural experience.

The High School has 264 students and 16 teachers. It was a very interesting experience, which we don’t object to doing in the future with this school, or any other in the area.

Jambi Dancers