(Indonesian Chips)

At most Indonesian meals you will find a type of deep fried chip that they use to scoop their food up with. The texture resembles the “rice cakes” that are common in most US grocery stores. The word for these types of chips are “kerupuk” (alternate spelling: krupuk).  Since most Indonesians love sea food, these chips are almost always flavored with shrimp, oysters, fish, or some other sea food.

Out of curiosity we bought a bag of pre-fried chips, thinking they were nothing more than a small “potato chip.” Since we don’t prefer sea food, we bought a bag of chips with a garlic flavor. After trying to eat one we discovered that they were too hard. They were like the dried scallop potatoes that are commonly purchased in the US. We knew some other type of preparation was required but we didn’t know what.

Our first effort was to boil them. This turned the chip into rubber. Not knowing what to do, we asked our neighbor to show us how to prepare them for eating. She really surprised us when she broke out a pan and filled it with oil. These chips have to be fried in oil first, and they amazingly swell up.

Below is the video we made of how to prepare “kerupuk.”