Language Study at a Tea Plantation

Our language helper (teacher) took us to a tea plantation that is located to the north of the city of Bandung, Indonesia for a day of expanding our vocabulary. Below is a video we made of the tea plantation and the tea factory.

The tea plantation is located on the slopes of the active volcano, “Tangkuban Perahu.” With this link you can see a satellite photo of it’s location. There is also a factory at this location that processes the tea. The “tea pickers,” were not in the fields harvesting the tea, nor was the factory in operation on the day we were there. Still it was an interesting day of language study, as well as informative about the various grades of tea and how they are developed.

The next time you sit down to enjoy a nice relaxing cup of tea, you may want to remember the labor that went into obtaining it. The ladies that pick the tea endure the variations in the weather, as well as hauling their heavy loads at the end of the day. If you want a glimpse of what that looks like, this is a link to a video I found on YouTube.