Last night was our first New Year’s Eve in Jambi. The below information will inform about what we saw, heard, and experienced.

New Year's in Jambi

1. The shops / markets / stores were filled with people during the day, as they bought their fireworks and party/food supplies.

2. The fireworks started around 8:00 pm., and went until after 2:00 am.  The fireworks were shot off by individual’s outside their homes all around us.

4. Loud music. All around us there were bands playing. If you live in Indonesia you need to get adjusted to the loud music/sounds. Almost every weekend there is a wedding in our neighborhood. Since most Indonesians can’t afford to rent out a hall, they set up their weddings in front of their homes, and may even take up 1/2 the street, and sometimes, block off the street. They will use speakers, all stacked on both sides of the wedding. We have seen them stacked 20′ long and 12′ high. The entire area participates in the wedding, via the loud music!

5. The next day (New Year’s Day), about 70% of the shops were closed. You can still find most of the items you may need, but you will have to look around a while.