It was the day after Idul Fitri (Sept. 11, 2010) and we had to travel up over a mountain to the other side to visit a friend. After we left his home we noticed our back tire was flat. Since it was still considered a holiday, there wasn’t the normal number of “Tempel Ban’s” (tire patch shops) that were open along the side of the road. We had the pleasure of pushing the motorcycle a distance until we were fortunate enough to find one that was open. Below is a video we made of the man fixing the tire.

The patch in the above video lasted 4 hours. While driving later that night it went flat again. The next repair guy put a “NEW” inner tube in the rear tire, but it only lasted a few hours as well. I think I saw this guy actually ripping the hole larger before he showed me how large it was, indicating I needed a new tube. I couldn’t challenge him because it was dark, and I wasn’t positive what I think I saw, … and I really needed him to get the tire fixed!

This was a very interesting and educational weekend. There are many challenges in finding quality materials and quality workmanship in Indonesia. There are some very good repair men here in Indonesia, but they are not always easy to find.