Dependent at 50 Years Old

Don't take your abundant auto part stores for granted!

How can it be, that a man of 50 years is still so highly dependent on other people? When you move to another country, are immersed in another culture (s), and are required to learn 1 (and more) languages, you become dependent on others very fast!

For example; the battery went out in our car. No problem, just go to the closest Napa store, have them test it, and if it’s bad, buy a new one! The problem with that is, there isn’t anything like a Napa store here. So I had to go to my neighbor and ask him how to deal with our problem. Our neighbors are extremely helpful, for which we are very grateful, but it sure makes you feel like a child when you have to ask others to help you take care of a simple problem like a bad battery.