P. Change TireADVICE TO PEOPLE MOVING TO JAMBI: Purchase a vehicle with lots of ground clearance and large heavy-duty tires.

Last weekend we traveled 7 hours one-way to distribute some water filters, and on our way there we had a flat tire. On the way back we also had a flat tire. We’re thankful we fixed the first one before our return trip, or we would have been stuck out in the middle of nowhere, with no help for many, many miles!!!!!

P. Change Tire 2The roads are not in very good condition. There are many deep holes, that you have to drive your vehicle down into, and then back out again. The huge trucks that use the roads really have it bad. They occasionally tip over. One truck was stuck up to its axles, and was blocking traffic. In some of these areas trucks can only travel on one very narrow section of the road.

If we had it to do over again, we would have bought a Toyota Land Cruzer, which has a much higher ground clearance and higher tires. Dragging the bottom of the vehicle on asphalt, or through deep rutted mud always makes us fearful that we might rip something apart underneath, or get stuck. If we keep getting flats like last weekend, we may consider making a change in vehicles. We don’t need any breakdowns out in the middle of “no-man’s land.”

It sure is nice having a mechanically gifted wife. C. was able to enjoyed the air conditioned car, as well as get a little-shut eye while P. did the dirty work!  (Just kidding, but she was very helpful).