TAMAN RIMBA ANEKA RIA (“Multi-Faceted and Cheerful Jungle Park”). Locals mostly know this area as “Taman Rimba.” The location of the zoo can be found with this link.

Taman Rimba is a park that is located in the City of Jambi. This park contains a couple of different attractions. One is the zoo, and the other is traditional homes that could have been seen in various regions of the Jambi Province in days gone by.

The below video of the zoo was made by us. A few days ago we wrote about the traditional homes and other attractions that can be seen at “Taman Rimba.”

When you make it to Jambi, and you want to visit the zoo, you need to decide if you want to go when there are large crowds there or not. The weekends are extremely crowded–especially Sundays. We went on a Monday and there was nobody at the ticket booth, and we were told we could go in without paying. There was only about 20 people in the zoo when we were there.