Indonesian Currency

The paper currency of Indonesia is in rupiah, and it comes in denominations of 1,000;  2,000;  5,000;  10,000;  20,000;  50,000 and  100,000 bills (there are also an assortment of coins).

The 1,000 Rupiah Indonesian Bank Note (front side)

1,000 Rupiah (front & back)

The 1,000 rupiah bill has a picture of a famous military leader from the Maluku islands (Thomas Matulessy—a Christian). He was famous for his defeat of the Dutch forces on the island of Saparua, near the island of Ambon, both of which are located in the chain of islands known as Maluku (formerly the Spice Islands).

Thomas Matulessy was born on June 8, 1783. He is also known as Captain Pattimura or simply Pattimura, as is reflected on the 1,000 rupiah note. Pattimura’s troops overthrew the Dutch forces as well as held back a successive colonial force that was sent against him. The Dutch then sent reinforcements from the city of Batavia (now the capital of IndonesiaJakarta) and Pattimura and his rebel forces were defeated and he surrendered. On December 16, 1817 Pattimura was hanged for his role in the uprising.

The 1,000 rupiah Indonesian Bank Note (back side)

On the back of the 1,000 rupiah bank note can be seen the islands of Maitara and Tidore. Fishermen in a boat can also be seen in the picture. Maitara and Tidore islands are part of an archipelago in the Maluku Islands of eastern Indonesia.

Today, January 27, 2011, this Rp. 1,000 bill is worth $0.11 USD  (eleven cents).

Today, January 27, 2011, 1 United States Dollars = 9,025 Indonesian Rupiah