C. & P. S.

C. & P. S.

Some American teens & school children who are curious about life here in Indonesia have been asking us questions via email / letters. We thought we would respond to these questions on our blog. Our seventeenth response is to Marah Taylor:

Marah, in response to your correspondence, we wanted to let you know that it will be another 1 1/2 years before we go back to the US. Though we have passed through the worst stages of culture shock, we still miss our family and friends, and P. really misses the “turkey sandwiches on sourdough bread” at Cracker Barrel!

*We added the “girl’s name” after the title of this post for our Indonesian friends. If they would have seen this, they would think we were saying– “answering in an angry way,” since the word “marah” means angry, or mad, in Bahasa Indonesia.