Indonesian Currency

The paper currency of Indonesia is in rupiah, and it comes in denominations of 1,000;  2,000;  5,000;  10,000;  20,000;  50,000 and  100,000 bills (there are also an assortment of coins).

20,000 rupiah (front and back)

The 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah Banknote (front side)

On the front side of the 20,000 rupiah banknote you will see a picture of Otto Iskandar Di Nata. He was born in Bandung, March 31, 1897. He led “Pagoejoeban Pasoendan” from 1929-1942. This organization founded many schools, banks, and provided legal aid and rehabilitation of former prisoners. From 1931-1941 he was a member of the Volksraad, which became the forerunner of the future parliament.

In 1945 he became a member of BPUPKI (Japanese sponsored effort to lead toward Indonesia’s independence) and sat on PPKI (A committee preparing for the independence of Indonesia). Otto Iskandar was also involved with the creation of the 1945 Constitution. On August 19, 1945 Otto Iskandar made a proposal for the election of Sukarno and Hatta as President and Vice President. The members of the council approved the proposal by acclamation.

The 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah Banknote (back side)

The backside of the 20.000 rupiah banknote reflects a tea plantation in West Java.

Today, February 4, 2011, this Rp. 20,000 bill is worth $2.23 United States dollars .

Today, February 4, 2011, 1 United States dollars =  9,020 Indonesian Rupiah.