Accident on 10 February 2011

For those wanting to travel around the Jambi Province, you need to be prepared for potential delays caused by poor road conditions. On Feb. 10th we encountered a turned over truck, of which P. took some pictures. These are not uncommon events. Trucks are often overloaded, and when they travel on these roads, through the very deep holes, they can easily turn over.

Same accident from a different angle.

This accident just happened to leave enough room for traffic to pass. This isn’t always the case.

Trucks can also block traffic when they get stuck in the holes. After heavy rains, the clay, that is used to fill in holes, becomes so soft that trucks (and cars) can easily get stuck. We’ve already had to push our car out of one muddy hole. That sure wasn’t any fun!

Our greatest fear is doing serious damage to the bottom of our vehicle. Frequently the bottom of the vehicle drags, or hits very hard. We have seen some vehicles alongside of the road with the drive shaft ripped off, and axles broken. That’s one experience we don’t want to have.

A winch on your car would provide some comfort!

Jambi Road Conditions