Graveyard of Famous People

At the west side of the City of Jambi there is a small graveyard known as “Taman Rajo-Rajo” (King’s Park).  It’s location can be found by clicking this link.

Below is a video we made of the location:

While traveling west on the road Jl. Slamet Riyadi you will see a large cemetery named “Taman Pemakaman Umum Singkawang” on the left. Directly opposite from that cemetery is a narrow street which will take you to “Taman Rajo-Rajo.”

Taman Rajo-Rajo” is located at the edge of Lake Sipin. You may sometimes see this grave site promoted as “Makam Taman Rajo-Rajo.” Below is a translation of the name of this grave:

  • Taman means: “park”
  • Makam means: “grave”
  • Rajo-Rajo means: “kings”
  • The bahasa Indonesia word for “King” is “Raja.” The local Jambi language will take all words that end with an “a,” and changes it to an “o.” Thus the “Rajo,” versus the “Raja.” In bahasa Indonesia, plurals are made by duplicating words. Thus, “Rajo-Rajo” means “kings.”

At “Taman Rajo-Rajo” two very famous individuals are buried, as well as wives and descendants from them. Buried there are also descendants from another very famous sultan (Rajo), namely Sultan Thaha. Sultan Thaha himself however has a burial monument in the city of Muara Tebo, which is about five hours to the west of the City of Jambi. The two most notable graves at “Taman Rajo-Rajo” are noted below.

Sultan Mahmud Mahiddin

Sultan Mahmud and his wife (R. Isah) are buried at this location. Sultan Mahmud was a sultan in the Jambi Province area from 1821 till 1826.

The headstone on his grave was carved from wood, but most of its unique carvings have all but been worn away due to the elements to which they are exposed.

Raden Muhammad Thahir (Raden Matthaher)

Raden Matthaher took the leadership of Jambi’s resistance against Dutch colonialism after the last sultan (Sultan Thaha) was killed by the Dutch in 1904. Raden Matthaher continued the fight against Dutch colonialism, until he was finally killed by the Dutch in 1907.  There is also a hospital in the City of Jambi named in honor of Raden Matthaher (Rumah Sakit Umum Raden Mattaher).