Suku Anak Dalam

The Children Within (the jungles)

In the Jambi Province there is a unique ethnic group that is well known throughout the islands of Indonesia. They are the “Anak Dalam” (also called “Orang Rimba,” and by a more degrading term, “Kubu”).

In the December 29, 2010 edition of the “Tribun Jambi,” pg 9, we found an article about the Anak Dalam. We translated it below for those who may be interested in reading about them.


“Extinction is a serious threat for the 3,800 Orang Rimba (jungle person). The population of the Orang Rimba is in continual decline because of the opening of plantations (rubber, palm oil).

The majority of the Orang Rimba live in the following locations:

The Orang Rimba will experience a serious threat to their existence if changes aren’t made. If the current path would be followed this ethnic group can easily face extinction. The opening of the plantations will cause the loss of forest/jungle area, which is the home of the Orang Rimba.

Another threat to the Orang Rimba is that they have begun to assimilate with the rest of the population in Jambi, and some are reluctant to identify themselves as being a member of that ethnic group.

There is also the problem of exploitation of the Orang Rimba. If the Orang Rimba obtain employment outside their traditional method of livelihood (hunters/gatherers), managers and foremen will use them for very dangerous and hard labor, being inconsiderate of their safety. Many Orang Rimba have died as a result of this exploitation.

Social efforts in Jambi have introduced constructed homes for the Orang Rimba in an effort to change their traditional nomadic lifestyle, and to improve their health and well-being. Previously the Orang Rimba would move out of one area to another for a period of 3 years. Now, because of the decreasing forest/jungle size, they move back in 6 months.”


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