English, the International Language

Y. & P.

Many people around the globe, that do not live in countries where the English language is their native tongue, (or “mother tongue”) deeply desire to spend time with native English speakers. Indonesia is no different.

Many people have come to our home, asking us to teach them English. The value of the English language is immense. It opens doors for many jobs where English is a prerequisite. As fluency in English rises, opportunities for better jobs also go up.  So it’s obvious why people want native English speakers to teach them.

We do not have authority to teach English in Indonesia. Our visa is for that of a student only. We are here at this time to study the national Indonesian language, as well as other local languages (with culture attached to that). Although we don’t have permission to teach, we can speak with people in English, so that is what we have done on several occasions.

A couple of weeks ago a young college student stopped by our home, after hearing there was an American couple that lived in the area. She wanted to develop her English, so we spend about 1 1/2 hours per week with her. She’s very pleasant and fun to be with. We laugh almost the entire time we’re together.

So, if you happen to take up residence in another country, be prepared to spend some time conversing in English!