Monumen Pelajar Pejuang / Tentara Pelajar Sriwijaya

(Student War Monument / Sriwijaya Student Soldier)

In the City of Jambi, on the street named “Jl. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo,” close to the fruit market known as “Pasar Buah,” stands a monument that was built by the government of Jambi. This monument was erected for the purpose of upholding and honoring the values of sacrifice that were displayed by students that actively worked in the support of the war of independence from Dutch colonial authority. This monument was not only built to honor the sacrifice made by many youth, it’s also a symbol for future generations to learn from, so they will model the same sacrificial lifestyle.

The location can be found by clicking this link.

Surrounding the monument is a small park, evidently named: “Taman TP Sriwijaya” (Sriwijaya Student Soldier Park). The construction of this monument began around 1990 and was inaugurated on September 19, 1992.

Translation of the Official Placard

Dedicated to building the next generation in order to preserve the values ​​of sacrifice and struggle displayed by youths during the war of 1945—the war of independence.     Jambi, 19 September 1992

Mural Behind the Monument

It isn’t easy to see as you drive by, but behind the monument is a mural carved in cement that gives some details of the activities the “Student Army” was involved in.

Below is a video we made of this monument, as well as the mural. The writings on the mural can be translated as follows:

1947: Members of the “Student Army” training how to line up / march at the National Jambi Jr. High School.

1948: Members of the “Student Army” march past the President of Indonesia, welcoming his arrival.

28.12.1948: During the the second attempt of the Dutch to overtake the City of Jambi, the “Student Army” had the duty as messengers between the airport and the Kasang Batallion.

17.08.1949: The members of the “Student Army” commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Republic of Indonesian’s independence from the Dutch occupation.

In the New Order, the “Student Army” plays a significant role in various sectors of Indonesian life (education; farming; industry, etc.)

*Information provided by Ade Marpaung.