We recently assisted in a gift / letter exchange from young girls in the United States and young girls in Indonesia. The process went like this:

Jess, showing a bracelet she made.

  1. A group of girls in the US asked us to take pictures of about 10 Indonesian girls.
  2. After taking the pictures, we sent them to the girls in the US.
  3. The girls in the US had a party, and spent the time writing letters and making bracelets & necklaces for the Indonesian girls.
  4. The US girls sent us the letters, bracelets & necklaces, as well as pictures of themselves next to the picture of the Indonesian girl they made the gift for.
  5. P. distributed the letters and gifts to the Indonesian girls.

Anna, showing a picture of “Bunga,” the Indonesian girl that received the bracelet she made for her.

The above was a simple process, but what was challenging was that many Indonesian children are afraid to have their pictures taken. It made it quite difficult to just get the 10 pictures we needed. The other challenge was locating the girls to distribute the letters and gifts.

Ica, one of the Indonesian girls.

The letters and gifts were very much appreciated and enjoyed by the Indonesian children. We’re sure it will make a memory for a lifetime, in both the US girls, as well as the Indonesian girls.

Below is a video we made of the letter / gift exchange.