During WWII the Japanese Imperial forces entered the Indonesian islands, supposedly to free them from Dutch colonial domination. Jambi was not exempt from the Japanese incursion. There were no significant battles fought in Jambi, but the Japanese did take over the area and set up a heavy gun emplacement on the eastern edge of the airport.

The airport (Bandara Udara Sultan Thaha Syaifudin) is located in the southern part of the City of Jambi. The airport was built during the Dutch colonial time period.

The bunker is positioned very strategically at the highest elevated piece of land in the area, with a clear view of the surrounding area. Link to satellite photo of the bunker. The bunker is made with very thick concrete walls, with three openings facing the airstrip, giving the guns a clear line of fire. At the top of the bunker are four ventilation pipes.

Below is a video we made of this bunker.


For tourists who would like to visit this location, it is recommended that they first visit the Office of Culture and Tourism (Kantor Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata) to receive a letter which will give them permission to enter the secure area around the airport.