This is a picture of a floating fish net/ cage (keramba) used for raising fish on Indonesian streams, rivers, lakes, and even in the ocean.

Throughout Indonesian streams, lakes, rivers, and even in the seas, Indonesians raise fish for food. The means of doing so is through the use of “keramba,” or floating fish nets / cages, in which the fish are hand fed (floating fishery).

If there isn’t a body of water nearby, those with sufficient land will dig square ponds for raising fish. Previously we made a video showing that these fish ponds are frequently used as a form of recreation.

Indonesian Fishery

Some families will build a home over a body of water, on piles (poles driven into the bed of a body of water), and below their home, as well as around it, build a large number of “keramba.” Sometimes Indonesians will build floating homes and arrange the “keramba” the same way around their home. This is frequently their only source of income.

Below is a video we made of the “keramba.”