Sengkawang Cemetery

Pekuburan (cemetery) Sengkawang (type of large tree)

On the west side of the City of Jambi there is a cemetery known as “Pekuburan Sengkawang” (Sengkawang Cemetery), or “Taman Pemakaman Umum Singkawang” (Singkawang Public Cemetery). This graveyard is on the south side of the road named, Jl. Slamet Riyadi. A satellite view of this graveyard can be obtained with this link.

This cemetery is often used as a landmark while giving directions, because it has a high banked wall, which is painted light green. Many people don’t know the names of the streets, similar to in the United States, so landmarks are often used while giving directions.

We enjoy visiting cemeteries due to their value in communicating about the culture of the people who live in a given area. Cemeteries often tell many interesting facts about the beliefs and values of the people. Due to that, we visited Pekuburan Sengkawang, as well as many other cemeteries in and around the City of Jambi.

Below is a video we made of Pekuburan Sengkawang.