Character Building

C. & P. S.

The last few days the City of Jambi has experienced some significant challenges.

  1. Major problem at gas stations, with lines almost one mile long.
  2. A section of a local market burned down.
  3. A major electrical transformer either burned or exploded, which left the city without power for 40 hours. On Sunday the 10th, electricity was back for 15 hours, then back off for another eight hours. According to the Jambi Tribune, things are back to normal as of Monday, 11 July.

The disruption of electricity shutdown many businesses and created tremendous challenges for the Police Department, as they attempted to direct traffic at intersections where the lights were no longer working. The gas stations had hundreds of motorcycles and cars lined up needing fuel. The police were incapable of maintaining order, as the Jambi Tribune reported: “people were acting impolitely by driving up on sidewalks with their vehicles, in order to cut into the long lines of vehicles waiting to buy fuel.”

For us personally, we had to give away food so it wouldn’t spoil. We also had a significant challenge trying to get water after the electricity came back. The city water source wasn’t working, so we switched and attempted to pump it from a well about 100 feet away. After 4 hours we finally got it working, but the water is very cloudy / muddy. We will have to use it for several days till things with the city water source gets corrected. The city water source has always had significant sediment / mud, but it’s a little less than the water we get from the nearby well.