Durian being sold along the street.

Durian is a famous fruit known throughout S.E. Asia. It has been called “The King of Fruits” because it has a very overpowering presence, specifically from its odor.

Many think the odor is sweet and fragrant. Others think it’s overpowering, nauseating and repulsive. Due to durian’s strong odor, many public places, like hotels, airlines, and trains forbid them.

Sign in the “Abadi Hotel,” in the City of Jambi, forbidding the presence of Durian.

The same things can be said for the taste, which has been described to resemble almonds, rotten onions, turpentine, and even dirty gym socks. The durian we tried had a slight taste of onion.

Below is a video we made of our first attempt at durian.