Indonesian Independence Day (17 August 1945)

One of the girls on the “Raising the Flag” team (Paskibraka).

Today we went to an Independence Day celebration in a village about 45 min. north of the City of Jambi. The name of the village is Jambi Kecil. The exact location of the celebration was at the office of the Camat. The celebration involved a very ceremonial raising of the Indonesian flag, and a prayer. There were no long speeches. It was a very interesting and informative event, watching how Indonesians commemorated their 66 years of independence.

C.’s new friends at the police station in Jambi Kecil. The commandant is standing to C.’s left.

After the celebration we spoke with the drill team that was involved in raising the flag. This team is called “PASKIBRAKA” (Pasukan Pengibar Bendera Pusaka–Flag Raiser Troop). We also spoke with some of the community leaders.

After we left the event we stopped at the local police station to chat with the officers there. It’s always nice to have policemen for friends!

Below is a video we made of the event.