Greatest Dangers for Tourists in Indonesia—the Roads

Coal truck turned over just north of Sarolangun, in the Jambi Province of Indonesia.

Today we saw 2 large trucks turned over and a 3rd one that had been in a serious accident—in which the driver and passenger most likely died.

The location of the bridge (in the picture at the right) is just north of the City of Sarolangun. The main bridge (upper far left of picture) has been out of commission for a very long time (maybe 6 months or more). The traffic has been using the temporary (wood) bridge just below the main one. It’s sign says the weight limit is 40 tons. Many of these truck exceed that limit, possibly 2x the amount posted.  On April 11, 2011 we passed over this wooden bridge. Since that time they have added metal plates. Those plates can be seen in the video we made below.

On our way to Sarolangun on the 19th of August we passed over this ravine on the center temporary bridge. On the way back (August 21, 2011) that temporary bridge was out of commission and heavy trucks were lined up for miles, waiting for repairs to be made. Prior to us arriving at this location some trucks were passing on the lower clay bridge designed for motorcycles and light cars. As you can see in the picture, one coal truck turned over.

We passed over the clay bridge with our car. To turn around and use an alternate route would have taken many hours.