The “bak” in C. & P.s’ home in the City of Jambi

Indonesia, like other developing nations, have significant water problems. There is no location in Indonesia where you can drink tap water.

The picture at the right is that of a “bak” (32″ tall water tank) located in our home. Almost every Indonesian home has one of these. The “baks” are used to store water. The water is then used for laundry, bathing, washing dishes, and cooking. Many homes still do not have plumbing like homes in developed nations.

“Baks” are not “bathtubs.” You stand on the floor outside of them, scoop water from them with a “gayung” (plastic scoop) and pour the water on your head/body.

As you can see our well water isn’t very clean. That is the quality of water we use to do our laundry, bathe with, and wash our dishes… We also drink it, after we put it through our simple clay water filter. So far…we haven’t had any problems–that we can see!

Oh… and for visitors that want to come and spend some time with us touring the great sites in Jambi, if you don’t want to bathe, drink out of cups or eat off of plates and silverware that has been washed with this water… it’s best you stay home : ^ )