Risks of Learning a New Language

Barber shop sign, with the word “PEACE” spelled phonetically.

Language learning is always risky, and often filled with embarrassing mistakes.

The photo at the right is a barber’s sign. The barber made a very nice sign, which had a peace symbol, as well as the word “PEACE” spelled out phonetically. Since the Indonesian language is very phonetic, he thought he could spell the word “PEACE” phonetically.

  • In the Indonesian language, the letter “i” is pronounced with a long “e” sound.

His spelling is accurate, from an Indonesian perspective, but from the English language perspective, his spelling of the word takes on a whole different meaning.

I applaud that barber for taking the risk. If you aren’t willing to make many embarrassing mistakes, you will never learn another language.

Pangkas–to get a hair cut


Below is a video we made of a barbershop: