Gelora Kota Baru

The City of Jambi has one enclosed stadium, and it’s commonly known by the acronym: “GOR.”   We found three definitions of this acronym. (Indonesians love acronyms and abbreviations.)
1) Gelanggang Olah Raga (sports stadium)
2) Gedung Olah Raga (sports building)
3) Gelora Kota Baru (New City Sports Building). “Gelora Kota Baru” is the name above the entrance doors at this stadium.

Don’t be surprised that many location or buildings are known by different names. While in the City of Bandung we knew of a park that was known by no less than 10 different names (Taman Hutan Raya).

GOR can be used for many different activities and sporting events. Frequently musical concerts are conducted there.

The name as it appears above the stadium doors: Stadion Trilomba Juang.

Another stadium in the City of Jambi, that is commonly referred to as “Lapangan Koni,” has the name of “Stadion Trilomba Juang” (Triathalon Stadium Fight) above the entry doors. The word “KONI” is actually an acronym for “Komite Olah Raga Nasional Indonesia” (National Indonesian Sports Committee). The word “KONI” has taken over the entire neighborhood where this stadium is located. When people want to give directions to this area or neighborhood of the city, they simply say “KONI.”

Pelita Stadium (PERSIJAM)

One final stadium we know of is commonly referred to as Stadion Pelita (“Lamp Stadium”–although there are no lights in it). As with the stadium mentioned directly above, the word “Pelita” has taken over the entire neighborhood, and people use that word for giving directions to this specific area or neighborhood of the city. The name above the entry doors to this stadium is “PERSIJAM” (Persatuan Sepak Bola Jambi-the letter in “I” was added to make the word flow).  Soccer matches are no longer held at this stadium, and it’s not used, except for one youth team that practices there.

At these stadiums you will see some signs with the abbreviation PSSI. It means: “Persatuan Sepak Bola Selurluh Indonesia” (Football Association of Indonesia).

Futsal is also becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia. We know of several locations where this is played in the City of Jambi. This link will show one location.