Mayang Mengurai Cultural Park (Taman Budaya Mayang Mengurai)

Traditional home (rumah adat) at the cultural park named “Taman Budaya Mayang Mengurai.”

Across the road from the Governor’s office in the City of Jambi there is a very nice park that has a traditional home (Rumah Adat). The name of the park is “Taman Budaya Mayang Mengurai.” The park is named after the wife of Orang Kayo Hitam, Mayang Mengurai (alt. spelling Mayang Mangurai). According to Jambi legends, they are accredited for forming the Jambi Kingdom.

The location of Taman Budaya Mayang Mengurai can be found by clicking this link.

A translation of the name of the park is as follows:

Taman = Park

Budaya = Culture

Mayang Mengurai = wife of Orang Kayo Hitam—legendary founder of the Jambi Province.

The park is small but meticulously maintained. The only objects at the park is a traditional home and a good sized pavilion. The home is typically locked but can be entered if you ask someone in the office behind the home to open it for you. In front of the pavilion is a monument with the word “Pertiwi” below a picture of the Indonesian islands. Information about that monument can be read by clicking this link.

Below is the video we made of the park.

The video also shows the few items that can be seen inside the home.