Monument for the welfare organization “Pembinaan kesejahertaan Keluarga,” or, also known as “Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga” (PKK). It means, “empowering, or building families for prosperity.”

PKK Park (Taman Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga)

A prominent monument in Jambi is the one called; Tim Penggerak Pemberdayaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga (TP PKK). Which means: “Empowerment Team for Family Welfare.”

The location of this park can be found by clicking this link.

PKK’s leader is by default the wife of the mayor: Ny. Rr. Endah Nirwani Bambang. We were fortunate enough to be able to spend a couple of hours with her as she showed us the work her organization does.

The leader of PKK is the mayor's wife. She is seated at the far right; Ny. Rr. Endah Nirwani Bambang

The leader of PKK is the mayor’s wife. She is seated at the far right; Ny. Rr. Endah Nirwani Bambang

There are 10 basic programs that makes up the work of PKK. Those basic programs involve sub-programs as well. We were shown a health clinic that is used to train families with very young children about basic hygiene and health care. The clinic provides physical exams, consultations, and writes prescriptions if needed. The clinic has a very strong emphasis on pre and postnatal care of mothers, as well as training in family planning.

We were also shown an interesting garden which is used to train the local community how to grow crops, medicinal herbs, and raise fish. PKK is very helpful to the community and, for us, it was a very enlightening opportunity to see the work they are involved with.

In times past PKK was made up only of civil servant women, but now the organization is open for men, as well as those outside the employment as civil servants.

*The logo at the top of the monument says “Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga.” The word “pembinaan” (which can be translated as “development”), is frequently replaced with the word “Pemberdayaan” (which means “empowerment”).

Below is a video we made of the PKK Park.