Statue of a Policewoman at Taman Murni (pure park)

Taman PKK Murni

(This park experienced a major transformation from July 2011 till February 2012. Information about that transformation can be read by clicking this link.)

The City of Jambi has a number of small parks that are used to beautify the city and educate the community about values and behaviors that can lead to a safer and more prosperous community. One such park is “Taman PKK Murni” (Pure PKK Park).

It’s location can be located by clicking this link.

The statue (patung) at this park is of a policewoman who is shown giving traffic directions. Below this statue are the words “PATUH KEPADA ATURAN LALU LINTAS MENCERMINKAN MASYARAKAT.” Translated it means: “Obedience to traffic rules is a reflection on the people in a community.

Below the above mentioned phrase is the acronym “KOTABERADAT,” which means:

KOTA—city, with the intention of meaning; “our city is…..”:

BERBersih….., clean

AAman………, safe

DADamai….., peaceful (or dan…., and)

TTertib………., orderly and disciplined

The park is evidently under the jurisdiction of the organization headed up by the mayor’s wife: “Pembinnaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga—PKK” (Builders of Prosperous Families). This organization has 10 basic programs, plus a number of sub-programs under them. They are all social welfare programs to assist and aid in building healthy families and the community. To aid in the building of a healthy community, PKK uses this park to promote obedience to traffic laws and safe driving practices. This orderliness has a way of transferring over to all areas of life. More information about the organization of PKK can be found by  clicking on this link.

At this park, partially hidden behind a row of trees, is a wall with the words “Taman PKK Kotamadya Jambi.” The word “Kotamadya” comes from two words: 1) kota, meaning “city”; and 2) madya, meaning “middle” (a Javanese word). This special word was used prior to 1999 to specify a centralized and middle-sized city—larger than a town, but not yet a city of a million people. In the City of Jambi there are still a few remaining remnants of where the word “kotamadya” can still be found. One is at Taman PKK Murni, and we found one other instance of this word at Taman Adipura.

Below is a video we made of this park.